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Durable goods for a sustainable world

Save time, money, and the planet with zero-waste, many-use products

Simplify life.

Stop losing time endlessly buying and tossing single-use products.

Save money.

Choose high-quality goods that reduce your long-term spending.

Rescue the planet.

Protect it from wasteful disposables and harmful products.

Welcome to Zero Many.

We operate brands with a shared vision for our planet, and we make eco-conscious products that serve needs, conserve resources, and reduce harm.

We’re called to action by catastrophe in the present world—oceans polluted, species eradicated, ozone tarnished, forests ablaze. But we’re not without hope. We’re mobilized by a movement at work—global citizens inspired, eco-activists ignited, generations converted from throw-away “goods.”

To every visionary who believes we can creatively save this planet, we stand with you. We want to raise standards for durability and sustainability as our brands imagine a line of diverse, long-lasting, planet-saving technologies.

We’re here to stay. Our products are here to stay. With your help, our beautiful planet is here to stay. 

Join us as we strive toward a world of zero-waste, many-use products.

Did you know?

An acre of mature trees absorbs the same amount of CO2 produced when you drive your car 26,000 miles.

Learn more and unite with us in planet-saving progress. Find us on social.

Product Spotlight

WAAV Sanitizing Sprayer

Meet WAAV™



WAAV is a reusable just-add-water sanitizing sprayer with no added chemicals. Fill it with water and press one button to spray ozone water, a natural cleaner that’s 300x stronger and 20x faster-acting than bleach, yet friendly to use around children and pets.

Avoid touching and breathing harmful toxins. Choose the friendly, water-based sanitizer with no added dyes, fragrances, or chemicals.

Reuse again and again, refilling with simple tap water. Replace over 1,200 16-oz. bottles of traditional chemicals, sanitizers, cleaners, and disinfectants.

Protect busy spaces and large groups. Kills 99.99% of some of the most harmful germs as listed in our lab tests in 30 seconds or less. WAAV is ideal for schools, restaurants, hotels, gyms, and more.

A Team of Social Capitalists and Strategic Creatives Here to Help You Rescue the Planet

World-changing ideas come from bright minds and big hearts on a team working toward a cause. Our Zero Many crew is constantly examining global issues and exploring solutions that challenge the status quo.


John Berger

John Berger is co-founder of Zero Many and Chairman and CEO of Dreison International. A veteran of the business world, John has staked his career on acquiring and then leading manufacturing companies that demonstrate potential. In this phase of his career, John is driven by a conviction that all of us must re-evaluate our products and decisions, and their effect on the planet. John enjoys spending time with his wife Sharon, his children, and many friends. Philanthropically, John supports numerous organizations with both his time and money- with a strong passion for the adolescent recovery center, New Directions. He’s also an avid runner who has proudly completed the Boston Marathon three times.

Read more about John Berger here.

John Gadd

John Gadd is co-founder of Zero Many and Creative Chairman of Become Known Group. He has founded numerous companies, raised millions in venture capital, and served as an advisor to business and civic leaders. As a philanthropist, John has served on the board of Torchlight Youth Mentoring Alliance (formerly Big Brothers Big Sisters), E City, Cleveland Rocks New Year’s Eve, ERC, the United Way of Greater Cleveland, and more. He believes ethical leadership and standard-setting attention to detail is key for organization growth.

Read more about John Gadd here.