13G Biodegradable Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags

🗑 BIODEGRADABLE TALL TRASH BAGS FOR EVERY NEED: This eco-friendly trash bag is not only for your kitchen or garden garbage can, but can double up as portable toilet bags and camping/hiking essentials. No excuse to trash mother nature when you're in the great outdoors or on the road next time!

🌍 A GREEN ALTERNATIVE: Zero Many biodegradable trash bags are a Bio-based Product made from cornstarch, meaning that they may have a smaller carbon footprint than their plastic or fossil fuels-based counterparts. Every use is one step closer to a cleaner earth.

💪 STURDY DESIGN: These kitchen can liners feature reinforced bottoms for heavy loads, strong 7-inch handles for easy lugging and tying up securely, extra locking flaps to tie your garbage up twice preventing spills, as well as leak and puncture proof bag walls that make cleaning up, garbage disposal and odor control a lot easier.

😊 JUMBO 13-GALLON CAPACITY FOR RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL USES: Never run out of space for proper storage or disposal of garbage with tall, 13-gallon trash bags. Why use more bags when you can use the right biodegradable garbage bag the first time?

❣️ SPECIFICATIONS OF ZERO MANY TRASH LINERS: 50 bags in every roll, 13-gallon each, 7-inch handles, 15.5 x 28 in, color

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