2.5G Biodegradable Food Scrap Bags

🗑️ ZERO WASTE FOOD SCRAP BAGS - Perfect for the eco-conscious nature lover, our Zero Many 2.5 Gallon Garbage Bags fully decompose in just 180 days in open environment, unlike ordinary single-use plastic bags that take 20 years to break down. These green garbage bags are made from bio-based materials, particularly cornstarch-based polymers, which makes the decomposition time much shorter.

💪 DURABLE & SECURE - Our extra thick trash bags ensure no-rip quality, so you don't have to worry about bags tearing apart and trash spilling all over. They feature an extra strong bottom seam to prevent tears. These 2.5 gallon garbage bags are also odor locking to contain everything within the bags--including the smell.

🌍 SAVE OUR PLANET - Our garbage bags do not contain toxic substances. This means they're safe for you and for the planet. The Zero Many garbage bags also help enrich the soil with water, carbon dioxide, and humus. 36 x 35 cm size fits most small trash bins.

👍 EASY TO SEPARATE AND USE - Clean-cut perforations allow you to easily separate each plastic bag. These tear-resistant waste bags are also rolled neatly, so you can effortlessly stash them in your storage/utility cabinets.

🤑 BEST VALUE FOR THE PRICE - Get 100 pieces of heavy duty, multipurpose garbage bags. Use as food scrap bags, recycling bags for kitchen, dog waste bags, compost bags, and trash can liners in bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and cars.

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