Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

🌍 ZERO WASTE PET POOP BAGS - If you're a responsible pet owner who also sincerely cares about saving the planet, our ZeroMany EcoPoo Dog Poop Bags are perfect for you. Made of cornstarch-based polymers, these animal waste bags decompose in just 90 days--which is much shorter than other plastic waste bags that could harm the environment. Each roll's core is also constructed from recycled paper.

🐶 CLEAN UP WITH CONFIDENCE - Thick and durable material ensures no-rip quality, so you don't have to worry about poop bags tearing apart. The bottom seam is also securely sealed for a leak-proof bag. These heavy-duty and oversized dog poop bags measuring 9'' x 13'' are large and sturdy enough for deposits from any cat and dog breed.

💪 STRONG, WELL DESIGNED BAGS - Let's be up your furry pal's waste is not the most enjoyable chore. But with these thick and opaque dog poop plastic bags, picking up your dog's poo is a breeze. Stay clean and stay fresh with these odor locking trash bags.

👍 EASY TO SEPARATE AND USE - Clean-cut perforations allow you to easily separate each plastic bag for a faster and hassle-free cleanup. These tear-resistant waste bags are also rolled neatly, so you can keep them in your pet carrier, dog supply stash, or even in your handbag. The perfect size that fits just about any poop bag dispenser!

🤑 6 MONTHS SUPPLY - Great value for its price! This pack comes with 18 rolls of dog poop bags and a total of 270 pieces. An essential pet supply especially for any pet owner when walking your dogs outdoors and traveling.

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