Green Beauty Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

🌍 WALLET AND ECO FRIENDLY: 16 Zero Many reusable cotton rounds can help you save up to 3600 disposable facial wipes, sponges or towelettes! Think about the waste you won’t generate and the savings you will enjoy with just a one-time purchase of these reusable cotton rounds makeup remover pads.

💋 GENTLE ON ALL SKIN: Made from a mix of high quality cotton and bamboo, these reusable face pads feel soft, fluffy on your skin (even delicate baby skin), while cleaning deep into your pores to effectively remove traces of eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, sunscreen and other facial gunk. Works on waterproof cosmetics too.

💁‍♀️ STAY FRESH-FACED EVERYWHERE: Just like conventional cosmetic cotton pads but without the waste, Zero Many washable makeup pads are ultra-lightweight and convenient to go into your travel bag, gym bag or luggage for effective makeup removal or freshening up wherever you go.

🎁 GIFTS THAT ECO-CONSCIOUS BEAUTY LOVERS WILL ADORE: Stylish in recyclable packaging, these reusable cotton pads for makeup removal are thoughtful gifts that beauty lovers and eco-enthusiasts ​alike will appreciate.

🧺 BONUS IN THE BOX: Zero Many reusable cotton rounds come with a washable laundry bag (doubles up as storage bag on the go) into which you can conveniently bundle up your used rounds and put them into the washer - too easy!

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