• 🏠 MULTI-PURPOSE HOME & KITCHEN ACCESSORIES: Beyond using Zero Many fridge liners to keep your refrigerators spill, stain and mess-free, they can also be used practically everywhere around the house where organization and hygiene are priority, like glass shelves, bathrooms, drawers, tables, cabinets, etc.
  • 🧼 EASY TO CLEAN, FAST TO DRY: These waterproof and washable fridge and shelf liners are super easy to clean - simply rinse under running water or wipe, and they can be reused indefinitely; think about the amount of disposable liners and paper mats you'll be saving!
  • 💪 HEAVY-DUTY STUFF: Zero Many refrigerator mats are made to withstand the tough tasks you'll be putting them through - they're super low temperature resistant (no worries about using them in the fridge), highly flexible (no issues about conforming to odd corners), mildew proof (nobody needs mildew anywhere) and anti-skid (priceless if you're lining cabinets full of delicate cutlery/glasses).
  • ✂️ EASILY TRIMMABLE TO FIT: Zero Many fridge mats and drawer liners measure 18x12 and can be conveniently cut to fit any surface.


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