WAAV Disinfecting Ozone Water Sprayer

💧 JUST-ADD-WATER: with just one touch of a button, WAAV sprayer bottle converts simple tap water into ozone water which is incredibly friendly to use around kids and pets.

🌊 WAAV IT EVERYWHERE: this multi-purpose spray bottle is indispensable almost everywhere - from the home, office, schools, restaurants, hotels and gyms. Use it anywhere!

🚰 MORE SAVINGS, LESS WASTE: WAAV spray bottle creates its own fresh solution. As long as you have tap water, you’ll never run out of ways to clean.

🔬 THE SCIENCE BEHIND WAAV SPRAYER: As you press the button on your WAAV, tap water passes through our patented blue diamond electrode to turn into ozone water with three loosely bound oxygen atoms. One of these loose oxygen ions readily reacts with dirt and impurities, before turning back into pure oxygen and water again.

📦 WHAT’S IN THE BOX: (1) WAAV Multipurpose spray bottle, (1) Quick-start guide, 1-year warranty

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